Thursday, May 13, 2010

We were broken into again yesterday. It's been 18 months since the last time and this time the little bastards kicked in the laundry door. Shane discovered it this time as he beat me home but I was the one who rang the police and I was nearly hysterical, as at the same time I was wondering around the house trying to work out what was missing. And of course they took all my gold jewellery again.

They stole all 3 of my cameras. One is my first digital camera, a Ricoh, that I was trying to sell, so no loss. One was the new Canon Powershot that we'd only bought last year while my camera was in the shop, so we called it Shane's camera and it had an SD card in it. I can't remember what photos were on it though. But they also stole my really good, expensive Canon Camera and an SD card that had lots of photos on it and those I do remember. I took some of the girls last week dressed up alike and got copies printed directly off the card for the Mums for Mothers Day. I have 2 copies myself, so now I am keeping them instead of sending them to someone as I don't have the originals anymore.

I'm devastated. And I'm awake at 5.20am as it has just occurred to me that we don't have anyone housesitting for us when we go away in 3 weeks for our wedding. The laundry door needs fixing but I don't think they'll replace it and Charlie said there's nothing we can do to stop them kicking it in again. And how do I advertise for a housesitter while saying, look, I'd prefer someone who doesn't work and can be home all the time to make sure the house is safe? We can't stop it happening while we live here, so I will be worried about it the whole time we're away.

Shane spent nearly all last night outside, pondering what to do and stressing over it. He wants to put flatbars on the frame from the inside to stop them getting the door open but the frame around the door is so old too that it will probably just splinter if they try hard enough, as the house is so old. I suggested tech-screwing the crappy screen door shut from the outside but we have to keep the door accessible in case of a fire. So what do we do?
I know I feel like I never want to leave the house again. Today is my shopping day and my brilliant Mum has taken the day off to come and sit with the girls while I race up and get food and buy birthday presents for 2 parties we're going to on the weekend. But I'm not going to the family one now, I'd rather stay home by myself and have Shane take the girls to his family's do, especially as I yelled at Cheryl while Shane was on the phone with her. I am very angry with her as I have been making steps to get our contents insured in the last couple of months and told her she needs to come over to do it, as we can't get it in our names while in her house. But of course she keeps leaving it and it wasn't done. I'm blaming her but it's just because I'm upset.

The worse is knowing they were in our house, they saw what we look like from all the photos, they were in our little girls rooms and took them apart too and they probably don't feel any remorse. Where they've touched clothes, I've put them in the wash coz I can't bear to wear them until they're clean. And none of us touched our toothbrushes last night, I'm going to buy all new ones. I just hate that our private personal space has been violated.

I've now advertised on Facebook but the one girl on there who does it is due to have a baby and probably won't be able to. I won't be able to enjoy my own wedding if I'm stressing over our house. I hate this.