Friday, June 26, 2009

Who would've thought 365 nights of sex could be so boring?

I did the right thing and took this book on holidays with me, so I could read it while away and be all ready to report on it when we got back. No such luck though. I started it. I meant to read it, I really did. I made it to page 60-something... and gave up. Not because I was enjoying my holiday too much. And not because I found something else to read. It was because I was BORED. I was so uninterested in what this sex lady had to say I started reading something by Elizabeth Gaskell. And trust me, she uses long words.

For a book about 365 nights of sex, it had no sex in it. At all. At no point during the part I did read, did she discuss the technical terms of positions, dirty talk, vibrators or anything to actually keep your interest. No, she talked about why she offered the sex, how they fit it in to their routine, being a mum, other mums she knows and just a whole lotta talk about... not much at all. And no sex. I was reading away and suddenly thought... why am I reading this book? It's boring as! So I thought I'd jump to halfway through the book and start reading randomly to see if it changed and you know what? No! It didn't! It stayed as boring as the start, so I didn't even try the end.

So I will venture off to the Book Club meeting this Sunday with my 'boring' opinion firmly in hand. I don't want to hurt Bec's feelings, but I really wonder what made her think anyone else would enjoy this book? I feel a bit ripped off, thank God she lent it to me and I didn't buy it, or I would've asked her for my money back. I understand Britt has a next book in mind, The Time Travellers Wife. Here's hoping it's a good 'un.

BTW, for my suggestion, I've got Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I found it in Target and HAD to buy it. Check it out!