Friday, August 7, 2009

Campervan - Experiment Number One!

As mentioned previously, we went camping last weekend in our new poptop campervan and sadly I've just realised I haven't even taken a photo of it all popped up and sassy! Not even un-popped up either, so you'll just have to picture the glorious thing yourself. We've owned it for 2 months but the guy we bought it off was shocked when Shane told him we'd taken it out already!
It's a campervan which is towed behind the Luxey (Shane's other pride and joy) and you wind up the roof, then pop the beds out either end. It quite comfortably sleeps 2 in either bed and has 2 tables inside that flatten to become beds as well. It's so big inside it has an oven under the stove and an aircon too. Noice.
So we decided to take the thing up to Pardoo Station and give it a tryout. Pardoo is about 100 km's north up the coast on the way to Broome. We didn't go to go fishing at all though, as the tides were way out, like Indonesia out, so we'd be paddling and living and that's about it. We've been to Pardoo before, actually it was the Hedland cup weekend last year we went so we knew what we were in for. I like it as it is basically a caravan park, so it has toilet blocks, a campers kitchen, a pool and a tiny shop, so you aren't totally in the wilderness and most importantly for me, I can have a shower at night and use a proper toilet instead of a hole in the sand, ugh.
My beautiful Devon. Her first venture out as she naps so much we'd left her in the car when we walked the 50 odd metres to the water, but Shane went back and got her when we heard she'd woken up. She looked a bit shocked at first but loved being outside. It'll be better for her when she can sit up so for now we just had turns standing her in the mud so she could feel it between her toes. (Notice my tattoo, will put up a better pic later. I tried SMS'ing a pic to my friends but it wouldn't work on my stupid phone, darn).

Mummy, Cassidy and Devon. You can't tell too well but we're standing in mud; awful grey suck-your-shoes off mud. I was surprised when I got home that I still had my toe ring, I was sure it would've been gone. Was yucky to walk in as you were trying not to lose your balance or tread on a crab or something worse under the surface.

Daddy and Devon, awww.

Cassidy posing near the rocks. We walked for ages up the end and back looking for crabs to show Cassidy and found a couple too.

The girls on our first night. It was SO cold and I was up checking on them all night. It wasn't until the next morning that we realised our aircon was reverse cycle and had heating. Sigh...
I'd decided at the last minute to take along Cassidy's old high chair and use it for Devon to sit in and good I did too, it was so much easier feeding her sitting in that. As you can see she has a rusk and devoured it, she loves them!

Cassidy relaxing a'la, "I wonder what the poor people are doing today?"

Devon relaxing a'la, "Geez Mum, I hope I don't fall off this chair, I can't sit yet you know!"

My beautiful, beautiful girl. Sitting on my lap reaching for the camera.

Cassidy dressed up ready for our walk out to the islands off Mt Blaze.

We walked all the way out to the nearest island (above) only to find the water was still out further behind it! We had to thread our way across sharp coral (luckily we'd taken our thongs) and Shane sometimes had to carry Cassidy over it. We saw heaps of purple poisonous sea slugs and a couple of octopus too. We headed back soon after, a total walk of over 2 km's we figured.

Heading back to the car, we actually found a puddle of water decent enough for Cassidy to stroll in. Being August it wasn't at all hot while we were away and quite cold at night. But I must say it was good to get some sun and be out in the sunshine and wilderness. It was so quiet when we weren't making noise coz the waves were so far out. Very nice. Although hardly relaxing as you still have showers, meals, sunscreen, shoes, sand and bugs to worry about! TTFN x