Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lights, Camera - Supermodel!

Now. I'm a mum and a housewife. This involves not showering every day, which then follows with not using my toner and moisturiser every day. This involves not washing my hair every day. Unless it's Thursday and I'm meeting mum for lunch, then doing my food shopping, I usually tie my hair back, rinse my face with water and off I go, washing, folding, wiping and mopping. Or typing!

So as you can tell, I'm very slack with my skincare routine. Especially at night, I hate having to wash my face at night before I go to bed, I'd rather shower and freshen up all over, especially with the back pain I've been dealing with; the hot water helps. And I never really thought my skin suffered too much for it, apart from being a bit oily. But on the weekend, in Perth shopping for my wedding dress, Ani took me to the Bobbi Brown counter at Myers in the city for a makeup trial. And the wonderful woman Casey who served us, informed me of my yellow undertones (who knew, I thought I was pink girl) and the dehydration around my eyes causing the blue bags. FYI: I am now moisturising my eyes and corners twice a day.

Ani has seen Casey before and was impressed with her knowledge, so we were glad to get her to help us. And help us she did! She spent over an hour with me, knowing that Ani was helping me with my wedding makeup on the day. She discussed my makeup habits, my dress colour, hair style and all sorts, finding out all about me and as she applied everything step by step, she explained what she was doing and why. She even gave us a little booklet showing the steps and let Ani make notes, so we could refer back to it later.

The main lifesaver was the Bobbi Brown corrector in bisque. It went on over my dark circles and blended perfectly. It didn't look like I was wearing anything and didn't sink into the lines under my eyes either, really nice stuff! I don't even know how much it cost, but Ani and I both bought some! Then concealer, then a light dusting of powder all over. This set my face with a base to work on, so Casey could add the colour.

Next came liquid foundation, powder, bronzer (which I've never been brave enough to wear, I always thought I was too pale) and blush (again, something I never bothered with). This gave me really nice colouring, subtle but enough to show up in the wedding photos.

I wanted dramatic eyes, so next came darkening my eyebrows to frame my face and beautiful eye makeup with lashings of mascara. She used shades of gold and stone and a chocalatey brown fine eyeliner on the upper and lower lid. Was very fiddly but wow, what a great effect. Surprising the whole look tied together with a light pinky lip colour and I looked stunning. All day walking around I kept catching sight of myself in a mirror in a shop and doing double takes - check me out!

Casey wrote down all the details, prices and colours for me so Ani and I will investigate cheaper options or online shopping to buy most of the products. I had to leave Ani some dosh to get the products I'd ordered once they arrive and when I get them, I'm putting them away in the wedding crate! Nothing is getting used between now and then, except the fantastic bisque corrector! Oh well. Back to normal life. I'm off to bring in the washing... it's a housewife's life, but somebody beautiful's got to do it! TTFN.