Sunday, April 26, 2009

Continued Musings of a Tiny Mind...

Ever want to stay in your pyjamas? All day? I do. Not because I can't be bothered having a shower. I am lucky enough to have a good baby girl who always naps after her first feed, giving me time to shower, eat and look human again.

No, I'm talking about for comfort. For style. For the ease of not having to change when you go to buy bread and milk at Coles.

You see, I just got myself ANOTHER pair of Peter Alexander pyjama pants. I've become quite addicted this year and have bought a few pairs of pj's from his online store. This particular pair are easily the Most Comfortable pair I have ever owned. Yes, I put it in capitals. They deserve it. They are now officially labeled 'Most Comfortable'. I may have to give them their own special drawer.
I'm being totally serious about this. Many is the time since I received that exciting PA package in the mail that I have thought, why change to go get bread and milk? To go pick Cassidy up from daycare? To go to work? Would anybody notice? Or care? It is only Port Hedland after all. Should I just buck convention and venture out of the house in comfort and style? Not to mention ready to have a nap at the drop of a hat? Or would the shopping centre security make me go buy jeans like people who don't have shoes have to go buy thongs?

So I'm wondering about experimenting and trying it. If I can get up the guts. I'm thinking I could start off at my Mothers Group. Surely they'd understand about staying in your pyjamas all day for comfort. Who knows, maybe I'll start a new trend. I'll keep you posted.

Signing off, The Thrillseeker.

p.s. did I mention these pyjamas are pink and purple zebra striped? Do you think it matters?
p.p.s. and what other clothes go with zebra anyway?


GlossQueen said...

They are cool! I think you should get a back up pair. You could wear them out and pretend they're the latest fashion in pants, I bet no-one would even realise.