Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let Me Rock You Chakra Khan

I want to make this post about Reiki. But instead of copying what is written in a book or on a website to explain exactly what this is, I'm going to write about my experience with it and how it changed my life. In fact, I would say it saved me.

A lot of people don't know this but I am a trained Reiki Master. This means I have been trained in all 3 levels of Reiki and can perform Reiki on myself and other people. I also use the symbols to protect my friends, family and belongings and to assist in situations that need healing. But I'm jumping ahead...

To begin at the beginning, I saw a psychic years ago who recommended Reiki to me to help calm me and help me grow, but I didn't know anything about it. I was going through a particularly bad break-up and felt so lost and miserable. So I decided to take action and do something to help myself, with Ani's encouragement. I scoured Nova Magazine looking for classes and found one being taught in 2 weekends in Fremantle that cost $200. However, the first day I turned up, it had been cancelled. Hindsight is everything; of course I later realised this was a Godsend and obviously meant to happen, because Reiki is definitely NOT something that can be learnt in a few days or even weeks.

Through her advert in the Nova, I found my salvation and her name is Gail. Gail has been a Reiki Master for years and was teaching classes out of a room in her backyard on Saturday afternoons. The classes were $20 each to cover her costs and each week my class of 6 received notes to add to our Reiki file. These included beautiful colour printed affirmations and typed notes with details about that weeks class, whether it be on chakras, hand positions or the symbol we were being attuned to. We started classes at the end of February 2004 and each level took about 10 weeks. Our last class was the week before Christmas that same year, a total of 10 months, so it was very involved and very thorough. I was very nervous going to the first class, as you would be, but I was immediately fascinated with Reiki.

What is Reiki? My training notes say: Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. It is an ancient wisdom which awakens an innate power within you. Everything in the universe is made from unconditional love. It is the glue that holds everything together. This amazing energy is in every cell of your body and sustains body, mind and spirit. It is your divine right to use this energy to heal yourself and gain whatever nourishment you require. Reiki is a specific vibration designed to enhance and support our inborn healing system. The amount (of energy) drawn from the universe is determined by the needs of the person receiving it.

Now, I know I put myself across as a bit of a hippie, but to be perfectly honest, I remember sitting in this class and hearing and reading this and I was thinking, Oh come on. It sounded like poppycock. Gail explained she concentrated and drew energy down from the universe through her crown chakra and then passed that energy onto others through her hands. Hippie mumbo jumbo right? So, to help demonstrate, Gail got all her Reiki Masters, trained by her, to give us a Reiki healing. We lay down on the massage tables and they began the healing, starting by standing at our heads and placing their hands on our temples. I remember feeling the warmth of Jen's hands and just... blissful relaxing. It's very hard to understand so of course I would recommend anyone get a Reiki healing when possible to just experience it. I remember feeling so... good, so calm, relaxed and at peace. It's like a massage but without the hands moving on your body. They are placed at certain points, none of them intrusive and just left there, while the Reiki giver sends you energy and healing. And I felt it; I felt revived and refreshed. After doing Reiki for so long now, I can tell when I'm receiving it; it's like a warm blanket being drawn over your body.

I won't go on and on about how fantastic Reiki is and how you, Dear Reader, should try it. Let's just have it known that I know Reiki worked for me in fantastic ways and that I totally believe in being able to receive energies from other people. You know when you're stressed and you run your hands through your hair, or cover your eyes, or drag them over your face? These are all ways in which we are physically trying to clear negative energy and the stress from our bodies. Running your hands through your hair is trying to clear the negatives you are feeling from your crown chakra, on the top of your head. And then you know those people who just... drain you. You feel exhausted after talking to them because of their negativity. These are people who suck your energy to boost their own. And the flip side are those people you love to be around because you feel so good after talking to them, so comfortable in their presence and boosted by them. These people are giving out their good energy, letting it radiate towards others and you are getting the benefits of it.

I'm going to do posts now and then on Reiki affirmations, chakras, colour therapy and the other million things I learned. I hope you find it interesting and get something from it, as I did.

I know Reiki worked for me. Not only did I get over the bad relationship, I felt better about myself, I liked myself more, I became extremely confident about myself and I even lost weight. And a week after my last class, I flew to Hedland for the Xmas holidays to see my parents and I met Shane. The rest, as they say, is history...