Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take 1 - have a look at LaLa's Life!

Welcome one, and, welcome all!

Okay, so you know how I send out emails every couple of months to practically everyone I know, pleading with you to please drool over photos of my beautiful children (yes, 2 now, need to remember the plural...) and begging for gossip and news to absorb. Well one of my best friends (Hey Ani Pani) showed me her blog (all about makeup, now you know why she's my friend!) and got me hooked! I thought, THAT'S what I need! Somewhere for my family, friends and complete strangers to check me out, see what I'm about and get freaked out.

So. Welcome to LaLa's Life.

To encourage your viewing me as much as possible (sounds a bit rude), and to get lots of attention, I shall now list my election promises to ensure your continued adoration.

One. I solemnly declare to be as honest as possible on this blog and not sugarcoat anything. For example, I'll try not clog it up with boring crap like what I cooked for dinner, but instead write witty and endearing pieces on what I think, do and say about various things in and around my life. This however is a giant contradiction as my life can tend to be a bit boring and sometimes consists wholly on what to cook for tea. Hmmm. Bit of a conundrum that one... Shall I just say that I'll try not to be too cheery or chirpy? If I'm having a shit day, I'll tell you about it. Oh, and I may swear a bit too.

Two. For all the rellies and the girls... Yes, I shall post AS MANY cute, adorable and drool-able pictures of Cassidy and Devon (and occasionally Saxon) as possible. I mean, they're my kids so EVERYTHING they do is totally photo-worthy and worth a visit to this blog.
And yes, I'm aware that I just called our dog my kid. Everybody knows he's practically human anyway.
This also means viewing up to 23 photos a day of Devon sleeping. Well what do you want? She's 3 weeks old, there's nothing much else she does yet!

Three. I also solemnly declare to update this blog as much as possible. I mean, to keep your interest I need to keep it punchy, current, newsworthy and modern (sounds like Channel 10). But yeah, I'll try not to let weeks go by without so much as a 'we're having beef roast for tea... again'.

Four. I swear that no child shall live in poverty, no, hang on, wrong speech. I will warn you now that a) I am a scrapbooker and b) I have 2 little girls. These things tend to make me overly girly in the shopping, taking photos, experimenting with hairstyles and playing with makeup departments. In the interests of any blokes reading this, and to keep your continued support, I'll try to keep the flowery stuff to a minimum.

Okay, well that about does the laying down of the rules. I expect you're totally enthralled and can't wait to see what I'm going to do next. Well I'm going to bed, it's late, so I suggest you go watch Deal or No Deal to distract you from chewing your nails before the next instalment of...

LaLa's Life!

Tracey x


GlossQueen said...

Hehehe, you're so funny. It's so cool that you have a blog now.