Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pictures of you...

I have mentioned before that I'm a scrapbooker. I want to whisper it, it sounds a bit daggy and housewifey doesn't it? But I love it! It gives me the chance to be creative, I love working with gorgeous colours and embellishing the pictures I take. And of course I get to take heaps of pictures of my kids, Shane, Saxon, anyone really! and sort them into colourful layouts.

It's a shame these photos don't do my layouts real justice. They're so colourful but it's hard to tell here.

The difference between my very first layouts and the ones I do nowadays, like Devon's new album above, is vast. You can see in the early ones how I've just stuck things on with sticky tape and used whatever products I had handy or whatever KMart sold. Now, hours go into organising and embellishing things just right, including ordering supplies online. Let alone the money I spend on buying it all. If I'd spent the same amount on my education, I'd be a brain surgeon by now! Sheesh!


Anonymous said...

Love it!...looks awesome and what a great way to show off photos!...(just wish I had the time and patience for scrapbooking) Did I mention Devon's a cutie?!