Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Andrea and Rob's Wedding Pics

Cheeky me nicked these pics off Andrea's Facebook page. These are her official wedding photographs and the photographer did a damn fine job. Has given me a lot of ideas for my pictures too.

The bridal party: James, Jo, Britt, Jordan in front, Shane, Brianna in front, Andrea and Rob, Bella in front, Chan (Andrea's sister) and Patrick (Rob's brother). Bella is Rob's daughter and Brianna and Jordan are the kids of Andrea's friend Angela.

Now I love this shot. There were a few like this he did, underexposing the light and concentrating wholly on the dress. Beautiful. I did offer to buy her dress from her for $50 but she said no. When I told Rob later he was most upset as he wanted the money to pay for the wedding!

Before the wedding: Bella, Britt Marie, Chan, Jordan, Andrea, Jo and Brianna.

Again, a single focus shot. Lovely.

The group shot of all who attended. Notice Cassidy standing down the front on the left and Shane and I behind the guy in the blue shirt. Great shot. I'd already seen this in a magazine and want to get the same kind of shot in the amphitheatre at our wedding. The tiers should make it look amazing.

After the ceremoney we all wandered down to the Sunset Bar while Andrea and Rob walked down to the water and got their photos done. They took shots right up until and after sunset.

Lovely black and white shot of the bridal party. There were heaps of people around watching too.
Quite moment for the bridal couple.

Absolutely one of my favourite shots. Andrea looks so relaxed and natural, especially her smile.

Again, a beautiful shot with the sun in the background and Rob staring wistfully off into the distance. At the camels perhaps?

Cutting the cake at the reception. I sadly didn't get to eat my piece as Cassidy demolished it on the night! But I managed to keep all our place settings, a menu, table number setting and pink ribbons for scrapbooking later on. It was a beautiful wedding and it's such a shame on one hand that I feel I have to compromise on missing out on so many beautiful features. Chair covers are damned expensive but in the room, they absolutely made the place look beautiful and brought out the pink everywhere. We'll have to see... TTFN.