Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Location, Location, Location...

My wedding ceremony location - the Queens Park Theatre Amphitheatre. Beautiful. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. We'll have some carpet on the dias and some topiary trees or something to cordon the area off. And I'll walk down the centre steps between my gathered guests. Nice huh?!

You know, I'm actually finding it quite hard being an 'engaged' person. I haven't been blurting it out and shouting it from the rooftops at all; I seem to go quite shy and quiet (I know! Me?!) at the chance of saying anything and just expect everyone to notice this new ring I'm wearing.
I think I'm feeling self conscious about my ring, because although I LOVE it, I've had a few funny responses from people. Instead of looking at it and going OH it's gorgeous or OH it's so nice and being polite, I get, OH okay. Or just Oh. Maybe if they were paying for it, I would get something so stunning and huge that I'd have bruises on my knuckles from dragging my hand on the ground all day, from the pure weight of it. Why can't people just be polite, admire and be nice rather than make a face?

I've always told everybody that I've never believed in spending thousands and thousands on a wedding and that I'd rather elope to Vegas and get married by an Elvis impersonator. Or the real Elvis if he's free that night. But now that I'm actually in the stages of planning my own, I can totally understand how easy it is to spend so much money on making the day just right.
Shane and I have chosen a local Geraldton restaurant and resort as our reception venue and we had 2 areas to choose from. One is the Southgate room which is regularly used for weddings and it has it's own bar and dancefloor as well as access to an outside smoking area. The other is the restaurant area which is a sandy coloured bricked area with a waist high wall and large windows overlooking the ocean. It adjoins a separate serving area for food and a bar. The difference between hiring the 2 is $150. I chose the restaurant area because the Southgate room requires quite elaborate decorating, such as chair covers ($5 each chair for 60+ people), wall coverings (up to $60 each), table decorations (anywhere upto $100 easy), let alone flowers and table runners. And place settings? Placecards? Don't even go there. So as much as the separate room would make more sense, it would blow out our cost dramatically.

My sister introduced me to the joys of Ebay, which I had joined but never used, and I've already found a myriad of things to use. Such as shells. I thought I could sprinkle some beach shells on each table around a candle for decorations. Goes with the beach theme and colour I've chosen. So I found 2 bulk lots of little seashells for sale, one for $11 and $14. I missed out on both of them but thought, never mind, got heaps of time yet. Then bugger me, but I got 3 small bags of shells at Thingz for $9.00 the lot! Insane, I thought Ebay was meant to be cheap!

My main problem though is talking about this wedding. I mean, it's my wedding for crap's sake! I can tell Shane and my Mum are so sick of hearing about it and now a couple of my friends are acting the same as well. But the thing is, yes, I have a year to go, but who am I meant to discuss things with and talk them through with? Year or no, I still have a lot of decisions to make and things to organise, especially regarding the stress of my dress. I have a day and a half to get it. If I don't find it, I'm stuffed. I mean, I'd end up having to get an evening gown and quite frankly, I don't want to. I've got my heart set on an actual wedding dress because I'm only going to do this once so I want to actually look beautiful and have everyone looking at me. And coz I want to knock Shane's eyes out of his head!
So I have some planning ahead to do regarding the shop I'll be visiting on the afternoon I arrive in Perth, as the dressmaker wants to talk to me before I arrive on the day. Talk about stress! It'll be 9 months early, but better than nothing. Thank God for Ani whom I'm staying with while I'm there, she is one of the main people being patient with me about all this. Probably because she's getting married soon too, so she knows what it's like!

So you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna put it on here. I'll vent and worry and stress and discuss to my blog, so not only will my stalkers be able to see how I'm thinking but hopefully I'll work out some knots as well! Nice! Now, to go and sell EVERYTHING I own on Ebay to make some more money...those chair covers are a must!! TTFN!!