Friday, July 17, 2009

The Trip. The Photos. The Food. The Zoo.

Me, Devon, Jodie and Tayla inside a giant Red Tingle at the Walpole Tree Top Walk. It was raining a little bit so we took shelter in the tree. This day was Tayla's birthday, the 5th of June and she had a great day. The best part of my holiday was spending so much time with my sister.

We hired one of these carts at Perth Zoo to carry the smaller kids around. We had Devon in her pram and Jodie took a stroller for Marlyn too, but it was still handy to have. So throughout the day, all us adults were dragging or pushing something or another. Although it was really annoying at first, because you couldn't move it out of the way or relocate it up the back without Marlyn and Cassidy thinking you were leaving and screaming their heads off running to it, in case they missed out on a 30cm ride. Tayla is an excellent photo poser, as you can see.

This beautiful girl (in between the other beautiful girls Jodie and Cassidy) is Utama, one of the most popular orangutangs at the zoo. She always comes up to the glass as she likes to see what people have in their handbags and pockets. She was born on 19 June 1979. Utama was on the TV news once we returned home, as she'd worked out how to swing over to the fence and escape from her enclosure!

Shane and I in front of a beautiful monument at Perth Zoo. Nice pic. And one in which no-one is eating, amazing!

Us at Perth Zoo. Shane, Cassidy and Devon, Marlyn, Jodie, me and Tayla. We sat down for a rest just in time as we were knackered. So we refueled and kept going! The canteen sold these great kids pack meals, with sandwiches, crackers, juice and yoghurt all together and they came in very handy later on when the kids got peckish.

My brother Wayne, his wife Nicole and Wayne's daughter Britney, who's now 14.

The cousins and the kids. Tayla, cousin Mandy and her twin Kelly, Jodie with Marlyn, me with Cassidy, cousin Sharon with Amber. Lots of cameras around so none of us are looking at the same one. Taken at my mums cousins place in Albany where we'd have a casserole tea for dinner with ALL the family. And yes, we went out for dinner a LOT.

My bro Wayne with his daughter Britney, Cassidy and my sister's kids Marlyn and Tayla. Taken at Wayne and Nicole's place in Bunbury when we went for tea. Nicole is a great cook. Yum.

Grandma with her 4 kids, Rodney, Mum, Lester and Marilyn. Taken at the pub in Narrogin where we had tea for our mini reunion. We stayed at a really nice hotel, The Albert Facey Motor Inn, in Narrogin. TTFN.