Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another successful book down the drain.

Or should that read? Done and done! The latest book for Book Club was The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Luckily Britt found 4 copies of the book at the library, so we ran to grab them and start reading. Britt even joined the library to do so! I, of course, have been a member since the first month I moved back to town, so I casually strolled in like an experienced reader type person.

The first night I started the book, I read about 30 pages and was hooked right in. It was great, a love story mixed in with a fantastic time travel twist that continually surprised. But I was tired so I didn't read for long.

The next night, I happily got stuck in and read til late, and got through the first third of the book. I was hooked. I love it when a book can instantly transform your attention so that nothing else matters (except crying 4 month olds) and you can't wait to get back to it.

The next night, I went to bed at 9.15. For me, that is EARLY. But I was being sneaky, as it was for the sole purpose of reading a big chunk of this book. Big chunk! Understatement! At 1.20 in the morning, I finished it. I couldn't help it, I just steamed through it and each episode of time travel and part of the story was more and more amazing and I just had to know what happened next. And I absolutely loved it. Britt chose a great book and I told her so. Now I have to wait for 5 weeks for the next meeting!

I also have to put some thought into what book I would like to choose when it's my turn. I'm really torn between choosing something I already own and have read, so I can show my taste in books, or choosing something I haven't read before. If I pick something of a Top 100 or bestseller list I should be okay, but there are some fabulous books I own that I'd love to pass on, such as To Kill A Mockingbird. The Memory Keepers Daughter. The Smoke Jumper. The Moonstone. Wow, I could go on and on and on.

At the library, I also picked up a book I'd ordered which is a non-fiction biography about Marie Antoinette, which I have already started. Anyone who knows me knows I'm madly into Henry the Eighth and his many beheaded wives, although he actually only beheaded a couple of them. I love reading about Mary and Anne Boleyn and Katherine the Spanish Queen. I find real history absolutely fascinating, although I would have hated the constrictions of living in that time. Having to do everything a certain way, the corsets, the dressers. Did you know they used to bath with a giant sheet covering the tub because it was made out of wood and you'd get splinters? Ouch! So I shall keep you updated on my new obsession, the French Revolution. Nice. TTFN.